Who am I?

Ah that old chestnut!

But seriously, other than my extraordinary appetite for chocolate and a proclivity to having Marmite and cheese on toast, I am a writer just like you are. At the time of writing¬†this “about” section, I have not been published…at all.

I hope to rewrite this section soon.

I joked at our last writers group meeting that I should create my own competition just so I could win something. In my defense, I have only been doing this for about a year, and I feel as if my writing is getting better and betterer. Ha!

My goal with this site is to document my struggles, my education and also see how much of my day job might be applicable to the business of being an author.

I would hope that in time it would become a useful resource to others of my kind.

Anton Vann

PS. Shortspark refers to the sometimes brief and instantaneous flash of inspiration that can spark an idea, an idea that can turn into a life’s work, even though having started as a split-second epiphany, a short spark!

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