This week finds me facing the harsh reality that my objectives might be somewhat unrealistic.


In theory, 1000 words per day should be easy, especially since I’ve allowed myself the luxury of saying those 1000 don’t HAVE to be the best I’ve ever written.

In theory, writing one short story every weekend should be easy, but in reality, it well…isn’t.

Well, of course, all you experienced writers say, while shaking your head sadly at the folly of the youth.

Ok, the folly of a new writer.

The fact is my novel HAS progressed. By about 4000 words or so. Something about reaching for the stars and you’ll touch the ceiling, that kind of thing.

In my post on ways you can ensure you’ll finish your novel, I said that you should set realistic goals. Very much a case of do as I say, not as I do!

Things I learned this week:

I am currently reading Into the Woods, How stories work by John Yorke.

A really interesting take on why it is we actually enjoy a story, whether it’s one we read, watch or hear from a mate in the pub.

Take aways are:

  • Your readers need to identify with your protagonist on some level.
  • They need to CARE about your protagonist.
  • Your protagonist arrives in the story with a past, and with specific desires.

I’ve just started, so might do a review on the book, but so far an enjoyable read.



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